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Sierra Nevada Wellness Center is located in Sparks Nevada 3160 Vista Blvd. and specializes in family medical care and a number of other high-tech but natural treatments of medical conditions.

Dr. Joseph Johnson, a native of northern Nevada, graduated from the University of Nevada school of medicine in 1989 and is very familiar with modern medical techniques. But Dr. Johnson has spent a considerable amount of time being educated on as many natural methods as possible to reduce the use of prescription drugs wherever possible. This unique approach makes his medical practice more open to alternative means to improve health and well-being. You may review his credentials on his website.



It is also important to recognize that there are a number of new technologies that will allow people to look better and feel better such as: weight loss, laser hair removal, mesotherapy, tattoo removal, stopping smoking, fatigue reduction, sleep enhancement, and a wide range of nutritional supplements available.


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On his website there are a number of articles on a variety of subjects to help educate you on these additional programs.

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Sierra Nevada Wellness Center-Sparks Family Doctor